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Secured Entry, Simplified
H4 Video Intercom

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Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) Technology
Now on our H4 Mini Dome and H4 SL Camera Lines

Learn more about UMD technology
See all cameras with video analytics

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H4 Box

These sleekly designed cameras provide astounding deterrence

Learn more about H4 Box cameras

H4 Bullet

Discreet cameras designed for seeing HD-quality images in darkness

Learn more about H4 Bullet cameras

H4 Dome

Their low-profile design make these cameras discreet and non-obtrusive

Learn more about H4 Dome cameras


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Exceptional image quality with an innovative modular design

Learn more about the H4 SL camera line

H4 Mini Dome

Ideal for space-constrained applications with an innovative modular design to easily fit challenging installations

Learn more about H4 Mini Dome cameras

H4 Pro

Cover vast areas in high detail and reduce the number of cameras required

Learn more about H4 Pro cameras

H4 Multisensor

Combines Avigilon self-learning video analytics with exceptional coverage from 3–4 individually configurable camera sensors

Learn more about H4 Multisensor cameras

H4 Fisheye

360-degree panoramic view of a scene with no blind spots

Learn more about H4 Fisheye cameras


Provides indoor / outdoor installation versatility with available pendant and in-ceiling mounts

Learn more about H4 PTZ cameras


Delivers advanced IR technology to uniformly illuminate the scene even in tough environments and complete darkness

Learn more about H4 IR PTZ cameras

H4 Thermal

Self-learning video analytics detect movement in absolute darkness and partly camouflaged scenes

Learn more about H4 Thermal cameras

H4 Edge Solution (ES)

Record video directly with an onboard solid-state drive and built-in Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software

Learn more about the H4 ES camera line

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H4 Video Intercom

Clearly identify and communicate with visitors before remotely authorizing access or initiating a site-wide search

Learn more about the H4 Video Intercom

H4 License Plate Capture (LPC) Camera

Capture vehicle license plates in applications where it is critical to obtain character recognition at typical vehicle speeds

Learn more about the H4 LPC camera

Manteau Blouson Fashion Blouson Devred Manteau

H3 Multisensor

Full situational awareness with innovative flexible scene coverage

Learn more about H3 Multisensor cameras

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ACC Version Last version of ACC tested with camera. This also implies support for later versions of ACC unless specifically listed otherwise.
Audio Input Receive audio feed from camera.
Audio Output Send audio to speaker attached to camera.
Autodiscovery Automatic discovery of camera IP address when connected within a LAN environment.
Compression Type Describes the encoding types supported for the camera.
Connection Type Describes the type of Device Driver used. Native refers to the Manufacturer's specific device driver.
Dewarping In-Client dewarping of fisheye or panoramic cameras.
Digital Input Receive Digital or Relay inputs from camera.
Digital output Trigger digital or relay outputs physically connected to a camera.
Motion Quick display of whether Motion Recording is available on for the camera.Blouson Manteau Fashion Manteau Devred Blouson
Motion Configuration Configuration of motion detection within the ACC Client.
Motion Recording Support for motion-based recording.
PTZCooper Achat Vente Doudoune Femme Lee PqgBw5S Quick display of whether PTZ functionality is available for camera.
PTZ Control Basic PTZ Movement.
PTZ Patterns/Tours Ability to create and trigger either PTZ Patterns, or PTZ Tours, depending on camera support.
PTZ Presets Create and trigger PTZ Preset positions.
Unit Type Type of camera.
Verified By Organization which tested camera and reported capabilities.
Verified FirmwareDoudoune Five Homme Doudoune Noire Homme American wp5vn Specific firmware version tested.
Fourrure Doudoune Kaporal Laveur Minka De En Raton Capuche Avec XqTA1
Manufacturer Blah
Model DS-2DE2103
Connection Type ONVIF
Unit Type IP PTZ camera
Compression Types H.264

Verified by:

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